‘This Crappy Book …’

IF you don’t know how to begin your book review you reach straight for the Dictionary of Quotations. So: ‘I never read a book before reviewing it; it prejudices a man so’ – Sydney Smith, essayist and compulsive reviewer. And there, you are started.

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English Delight

Book Review: The Letters of Noel Coward edited by Barry Day

NOEL Coward was far and away the most successful dramatist of his day. He dominated the English-speaking stage on both sides of the Atlantic. Aged only 24 he became a star virtually overnight with the production of his 1923 play The Vortex – a work which characteristically he wrote, directed, and starred in – and he continued to excite and dazzle audiences for most of the following quarter century with works that earned him the reputation of being the most versatile (and best paid) author of his time.

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